Posted by: Edward Fairclough | June 14, 2010


I know in the previous post i said that all the news from the next 3 days would be in the E3 section of the blog, but this was too important to not have on the front page! Just a few hours ago Microsoft unveiled at the end of their press conference a brand new xbox 360 slim!

The new monster of a machine has a 250GB detachable hard drive, wireless N internet built in so no need for those wireless adapters anymore, super quiet fans, FIVE, yes FIVE USB ports and smaller tidier power supply.

The console has full support of all previous 360 games and is ‘fully compatible’ with the Kinect motion sensor. Xbox announced that the console will cost no more than the current model (so im guessing around £200 new), and that it was being shipped out to retailers TODAY! (they even gave everyone in the crowd a free system!) Although Microsoft have just stated on twitter that the console wont be available for European gamers until July the 16th. Time to trade in my old console!

Check over on the E3 page very soon where ill be posting all the news from Microsoft’s, EA’s, and Ubisoft’s conferences.  Check back tomorrow when they’ll also be news from the Japanese players, Sony and Nintendo.

Xbox 360 Slim


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