Posted by: Edward Fairclough | June 28, 2010

101ARENA TOP 5’s: Hardest Xbox achievements

Welcome to the first of hopefully many top 5 post’s, kicking things of are the top 5 hardest single achievements on the Xbox 360.

After searching the darkest corners of Google, I’ve finally composed a list of what myself and many other games believe to be the hardest and most down right annoying achievement’s on the Xbox 360. So in at No.5:


5) Fifa 09

Achievement: The peterson

Reward: 1G

Before you even read on, a clue as to why this achievement is in the list is by looking at its reward. I know that some achievements out there give you 0G at all, but this one takes annoying achievements to a whole know level! In order to receive your overly generous reward of 1G you must rack up a total of 50 hours gameplay time!

Now this may not be a specifically hard achievement to complete, but when you think about some game’s out there you can get the full 1000G in under 5 hours,  it just seems like EA have but this achievement in to really annoy (annoy being the polite word!) all those achievement addict’s out there, and talk about kicking someone while they’re down, you can’t even leave the game running on the main menu all night long, you must be playing an actual game. 50 hours of gamplay is enough to make any football fanatic quit playing!


4) Trials HD

Achievement: Marathon

Reward: 40G

Even though this is only an arcade game, not a retail title, is still rightfully earns a place amongst the other 4 games due to it’s crazy marathon achievement. The achievement requires the rider to complete the ‘Ultimate endurance’ tournament, (which has 20 levels!) without making a single fault.

Impossible i here you say, well the ironic thing is that the 20 levels included in the tournament are all pretty easy, with non actually above medium difficulty. The challenge is making sure you don’t make that one simple mistake that even the most experienced player could make, or else its back to the start line!

The key to this achievement is to go slow (as time is not an issue) and to know what is coming up ahead of you. Even i consider myself to be a relatively good player and i made a total of 51 mistakes on my first try!


3) Call of Duty 4

Achievement: Mile High Club

Reward: 20G

You know the score, you cant have a difficult achievement list without including the Godfather of hard achievements; The controversial ‘Mile High Club’!

There’s been alot of talk as to whether this achievement is actually as hard as many gamers make it out to be, with some people claiming they’ve done it on they’re first go while others saying its near impossible. Although no matter who you are, its obvious that this achievement is only completed by the most skillful FPS players, and if you have little or no Call of Duty experience, then you will be throwing your controller out the window!

If your one of the rare people that don’t know what this achievement entails, it requires you to run the epilogue mission on veteran difficulty in under 1 minute. Sounds hard, but like i said before if your an experienced player you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this. The three tactics i used to finally acquire this achievement were:

  • Use ALL your flashbangs
  • Always take cover
  • Always try to let your team mates go in front of you

There are tons of different walkthrough videos for this achievement, with one actually posted on inside xbox. So get on youtube, find a good walkthough and get shooting! Because with this achievement i can guarantee a huge scene of completion once you’ve achieved it!


2) Dead Rising

Achievement: 7 day survivor

Reward: 20G

We’re nearly at the No.1 spot, but before that we have easily the hardest zombie related achievement in the world, the ‘7 day survivor achievement’.

This achievement require’s you to stay alive for 7 in game days, which works out at around 14 real world hours. The icing on the cake with this achievement though is that it must be achieved in one playthrough, you cannot save the game. Who would have thought that staying alive against zombies would be so time consuming!

And to make it even harder your character’s (Frank) life is constantly depleting, therefore you must have a good supply of food to stay alive, lets hope there are plenty of in game red bulls!


So, what a difficult journey its been, 50 hours of football, 14 non-stop hours of zombie fighting and taking over a plane full of terrorists in one minute! Don’t relax yet though, you still need a lot of fight left because they’re one achievement left to go…

1) Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Achievement: World Champion

Reward: 40G

Well this is it, 101arena’s hardest xbox 360 achievement to obtain is the online ‘World champion’ achievement, and my god what a painful achievement it is.

Ironically it’s a simple achievement, you are required to become #1 on the world leaderboard, so basically if you want this achievement you have to be the best player at G.R.A.W in the whole world! Just to put into perspective as to how difficult this achievement actually is, on, there are 25, 352 ‘tracked gamers’ that have this game, while only 23 players out of those have obtained this achievement. THATS 0.09%!!


So there you have it, that’s 101arena’s top 5 hardest achievements ever! Im sure that there’s a ton of more extremely difficult achievements out they’re, so feel free to comment below with your experience regarding really hard achievements.


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