Posted by: Edward Fairclough | June 30, 2010

New Medal of Honor trailer’s a bit too serious

The new Medal of Honor trailers bring they’re ‘A-game’, but is it all becoming a bit too much for a game?

Two new trailers have emerged today for the highly anticipated return of Medal of Honor. The two trailers, which are supposedly the first two in a series of  interview style trailers, show two ‘special forces’ soldiers  talking about their life within the secret military world. The identity of the two soldiers have been kept secret for ‘security’ reasons, and it also sounds like they’re voice’s have been edited too.

Now im as excited about the return of Medal of Honor  as any other FPS gamer, (maybe even more since i spent most of my PS2 life playing MoH: Frontline & Rising sun) and it will be interesting to see how these ‘secret’ soldiers have helped in designing the game, but im starting to get the impression that EA are trying to make the theme of the game a bit too serious. Ever since CoD4: Modern Warfare arrived on the scene, the whole WWII theme has been swept under the carpet and publishers have been providing us with shooters that are based on real time combat, with many being located in real time war-zones.

Both EA and DICE seem to have gone all out to try and deliver the most authentic and realistic war experience ever, and many gamers will welcome this news with open arms, while other’s may think; a games ‘just’ a game, if you want real authenticity, join the army!

So what do you think? Is more authenticity in war games a welcoming change for the FPS genre, or is having secret soldier’s help to make a game all a bit too much? Check out the two new trailers below and leave us with your comments.



  1. Yes, this is very welcomed, and a reason why I really hope Atomic Games and all their hard work in to Six days of Fallujah comes out great, i really want that game to release, being its based off something real, and might be something shooters need, or can really benefit from. But, for now Medal of Honor is going to be one of the best war shooters out there, playing as a great mix between BFBC2 and MW2, adn then surpassing both of them.

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