Posted by: Edward Fairclough | July 2, 2010

FRESH FRIDAY: All Points Bulletin

Another Friday bring’s another new release and this week were all talking about the new open world MMO; All Points Bulletin.

Developed by Realtime Worlds (the brains behind Xbox exclusive ‘Crackdown’) and published by EA, All Points Bulletin (APB for short) is a 3rd person action MMO set in the fictional city of San Paro where there’s a constant fight between the ‘Criminals’ and the ‘Enforcers’ and players must choose which faction they wish to belong too. Once chosen a faction you can go it alone or form crews with other players for tactical team-based combat. APB is a must have for fans of ‘Saints Row’ and ‘Grand theft auto’.

The game also offers huge in-depth customization options with players able to create the own unique character, earn money to spend on vehicle and weapon upgrades, and even import your own music into the game for all users to hear!

The game is available as either a retail copy or digital download and can be purchased at Game for a bargain price of £24.99, Click here for a copy…

Check out the trailer below or head over to the official APB website. Don’t forget to leave your comments below with all thing’s APB related.

Next week on Fresh Friday we’ll be talking about another open world title, Crackdown 2!


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