Posted by: Edward Fairclough | July 11, 2010

‘The next chapter’ in console gaming peripherals has arrived

Razer, one of the best, if not ‘the’ best producer of pro gaming peripherals for the PC has finally shifted it’s skills into the game console market, and with this unveiling two new products exclusively for the Xbox 360.

The two new products are the ‘Onza’ professional controller and the ‘Chimaera’ professional headset, both available only for the Microsoft console.

Firstly the Onza controller, this futuristic looking piece of kit has three specific features which we at 101arena are referring to as ‘amazilliant’! The first of the three features is the ‘Hyperesponce’ technology buttons, which give the user the fastest and most crisp response when pressing all of the controllers buttons. The second feature is the ability to change the tension of the analog sticks, giving the player the option to change depending on what situation they’re in, missing targets when sniping is now a thing of the past! The last feature on the controller are the programmable multi-function buttons (MFB). There are two of these located just above the trigger’s , they do exactly what the say and allow the player to configure them to mimic what another button would do.

Last but not least the Onza controller glows a warm green around the sides, allowing you not only to win against your opponents but win in style. Brilliant stuff!

The ‘Onza’ professional gaming controller for the Xbox 360 is priced at a very reasonable $49.99/€44.99.


The second piece of kit in this glorious pro gaming duo is the Razer Chimaera professional gaming headset.

Most gaming headsets out they’re are only programmed to provide you with stereo sound quality, while Razer go all the way to provide you with only the best sound quality by using 5.1 channel surround sound in it’s new headset! The Chimaera also come’s with it’s own base station allowing you to create a ‘daisy chain’ link between you and your friends, so you can privately talk between each other while still taking part in online multiplayer matches.

The Chimaera professional gaming headset for the 360 is priced at $129.99/€109.99.

No release date yet but be sure to head over to the Razer’s official site for more info on these two new Xbox only peripherals. We cant wait to get our hands on them!


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