Posted by: Edward Fairclough | July 15, 2010

EA, Sony and the Exclusive Love Tree

Ok so here’s the scenario for that game you’re really excited about…You’ve waited, heard the rumours, watched a clearly faked trailer on You Tube, watched the proper trailer from E3, got allllll excited and pre-ordered the Limited Special Golden Collectors Edition only to find…. your “Special Edition” isn’t quite as special as you thought.
Cue frowny slightly peeved face.


Well as some of you may have noticed over the last month or so Electronic Arts and Sony have become best of chums and started dishing out the extra exclusives and the cash, no prize for guessing who’s doing what there.

As you all probably know EA announced at E3 that a special edition of Medal of Honor (or Honour as we English like to spell) would be released, at this time just for the Playstation 3. This edition would include a remastered version of the highly awesome Frontline, ahhh I can hear the theme tune now… Anyway now here’s the interesting part. EA announced very recently that all platforms would get this “Special Edition”, cue excitement, so I get early access to the TOZ-194 and 870MC2 (ooo yeah, I love those guns 😕 ) and an exclusive weapon, the MP7 submachine gun… anything else… a remastered version of Frontline maybe.?. cue silence.



Just like this poor chap, we're left hanging...


The ‘limited edition’ trailer below shows those special guns in action..

Frontline HD as I am now calling it will remain a PS3 exclusive. Now it’s fair to say that the limited edition doesn’t cost anymore so you can’t really complain. Just don’t be surprised if you’re an Xbox live user to be paying 800msp a few months down the line for something you could of have had for free. Who needs it anyway eh?…sigh…Another game that I’m sure many of you are looking forward to, or not if you’re afraid of things, is Dead Space 2. The first Dead Space had me gripped from start to finish, excellent sound design, game play, graphics and an ending that left you wanting to know, “What happens next?” Well what happens next?

EA once again announces that Dead Space 2 will be having it’s own Limited Edition, exclusively on PS3. Now we’re not talking some exclusive guns or a classy pimp outfit here, this edition will include an entire extra game, Dead Space Extraction to be exact, the on-the-rails prequel shooter released on the Wii. This HD version will include support for the Playstation Move, add a new co-op mode and trophy support. This is the biggest statement from EA that they believe, according to Electronic Arts COO John Schappert the PS3, “…is doing incredibly well. Since Sony changed the PS3 form factor, rolled out the Kevin Butler marketing campaign, and launched some great content, the box is on fire.”

So PS3 changes form, sells loads, sets on fire, EA offers exclusives.

As for Xbox’s new form factor? Well it will definitely sell loads, hopefully won’t set on fire, but will it get exclusives…no.


exactly my reaction...


A valid point made is that the advantage of having Blu-Ray gives the extra room needed to add an extra game on one disc, but an extra DVD would just be as cheap to produce, or a download code even cheaper. So that valid point is no longer valid..?.. Dead Space Extraction will also be available to buy on the Playstation network and it is highly unlikely an Arcade version will appear due to coding and adding support for Natal… sorry Kinect (not stuck yet), which would be sweet, but highly unlikely.


Again quoting from Schappert, “…we shouldn’t read too much into this… and EA loves everyone. It’s just on this occasion Sony showed great interest in promoting these genres”. Only time will tell what exclusives EA have hidden up their silk lined sleeves, but I just hope they decide to share more of the love with everyone. Personally I won’t be able to get my hands on these remastered exclusives which is a shame, but anyone who can should invest as they certainly won’t be disappointed.


  1. i think that its about time that xbox gets shafted as ps3 has been since launch and more recently activation with mw2 maps

  2. just buy a ps3. its best of the 3 😉
    dont see that many ps3owners blogging about the cod lovefest acti is giving MS???


  3. “but an extra DVD would just be as cheap to produce, or a download code even cheaper.”

    It may be cheap, but, shipping costs definitely don’t help keep that cost down. Download codes may sound great in theory, but, Res 5 gold edition had the code and one customer I remember in an angry letter said “I’m stationed in Iraq, the code is useless to me even though I re-bought it to play the extra content” So not really great in either regard.

  4. Regardless which console is better than the other surely they would see sense in launching it on xbox live at a cost of say 1200 microsoft points, this would give them a shed load of money as they have no manufacturing costs.
    Win win as i see it

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