Posted by: Edward Fairclough | July 16, 2010

FRESH FRIDAY: Xbox 360S Console

As you may know, Fresh Friday usually includes us talking about the latest game’s, but this week is a fair exception..

Friday 16th hosts the European release of  Microsoft’s Xbox 360-S (the S presumably standing for slim). For the minority that aren’t aware of its new features, the kit includes a 250GB hard drive, built in N Wi-Fi, a smaller and more energy efficient power supply and last but not least whisper quiet fans. Visually, the console has been completely redesigned, making it alot smaller than its predecessor, and with its glossy black finish and chrome edges i really believe its the sleekest looking console to date.

Price wise its RRP is set at a respectable £199, which is no more that the now old Elite model, but as ever in retail your bound to find it cheaper than its set RRP if you shop around. I personally picked up one this morning at a fantastic price of £175 (staff discount works wonders), but to top it of i even got three free games!

First thing i noticed when powering up for the first time was how quiet it was, even when running games or movies straight of a disk you could still hardly hear a thing, just an ever so slight humming from the fans. Even the controllers have been slightly re-designed, with the new ones having all black joysticks/D-pad and a chrome guide button. Although i was expecting the new console to be bundled with a HDMI cable, only to find yet another standard definition AV cable.

All in all the 360-S seems yet another welcomed console amongst the current generation of consoles, and expect to be seeing more of it as time goes by as the 360-S is now the only Xbox Microsoft produce, night night Elite!

My 3 free games...

Undressed and looking fine 😉


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