Posted by: 101antuk | July 17, 2010

Activision Announce New Bond Game

Do you like video games? Do you like James Bond? Do you like Joss Stone?

Well two out of three ain’t bad.

After some leakage from the Eurythmics website Activision have announced the next game in the Bond franchise, James Bond: Blood Stone. And it’s the scouse based development team up at Bizarre creations making all this happen, famously known for the successful Gotham racing series. Most interestingly though is that the script for the game has come from Goldeneye scribe Bruce Feirstein, which might help to give that something extra from previous straight to console Bond games.

Voices and smooth baby face game appearances will be supplied from Daniel Craig (Why not Roger Moore for a laugh?), Judi Dench and of course… Joss Stone.

Here’s the trailer, I hope you like explosions –

Now anyone who’s played previous Bond games post Goldeneye will probably have watched that and thought what I did, all style… no substance. Only time will tell if, for example, the driving sequences will just be a case of holding down the accelerate button for 2 minutes of scripted action. Will the third person sections just be a case of, take cover, shoot, take cover, shoot, bit of a fight Bourne Conspiracy style, cut scene. I’m hoping I’m proved wrong because an actually decent Bond game has been long overdue.

Q's new face cream works wonders

On the multiplayer side of things it sounds like Bizarre are trying something different. As well as death match modes, which I’m sure will be included, the announcement mentioned some 16-person strategic team play modes. With spies and mercenaries fighting against each other to achieve set goals, most likely bomb a location or steal info ala capture the flag.

wait for it...... press X now!... argh too late I'm dead

Expect Bloodstone to enter your world this coming chrimbo on PS3, 360 and PC with a standalone DS version created by n-Space.

More news as we get it peeps.


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