Posted by: Edward Fairclough | July 21, 2010

Price of Kinect Finally Announced

After much speculation the price of Microsoft’s upcoming motion controller has finally been announced.

Yesterday Microsoft announced the price of Kinect will be £129.99, which is at the top end of industry price estimates. So do you get anything else for this high price? Well you do get a bundled copy of Kinect Adventures, so you can start using Kinect straight out of the box.

Microsoft also announced that the new Xbox 360 4GB model would be released around the same time as Kinect and would be include the Kinect controller and Kinect adventures in the box, all at a price of £249.99.

When asked about the new console, Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg said, “It will effectively replace the Arcade console. We see it as a great value entry price point for consumers. We’re upgrading the storage to a full 4GB, which is quite a bit of storage. At £149.99 (for the 4GB model alone) we think that’s a great price point.” The 4GB model will have all the same features of its older brother but will come in a matte finish and have the 4GB flash memory built in, apposed to having a separate hard drive.

Microsoft are yet to confirm an exact UK release date for Kinect, but they did confirm that there will be 15 separate release titles for the motion controller at launch, including games like Kinectimals and the long awaited Kinect Joy-Ride.

Check out the image below of the Xbox 4GB & Kinect bundle.


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