Posted by: Edward Fairclough | August 12, 2010

CoD: Black Ops Hardened and Prestige edition revealed

Today Acitvision have revealed the two limited editions for the next instalment in the Call of Duty series.

Following in the footsteps of Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops will be receiving both a Hardened and Prestige versions of the game, and I know what your thinking, what could possibly top night vision goggles? A remote control surveillance vehicle, that’s what!

The Prestige edition of the game will include a fully functional remote-controlled RC-XD video surveillance vehicle which has been inspired from the one used in the games multiplayer mode (you may have seen it whizzing around in the new multiplayer trailer). It has a range of up to 200 feet and records colour video with audio.

Other extras included in the prestige edition are four extra multiplayer maps, a Black Ops avatar outfit and a Black Ops medal. The hardened edition includes everything except the RC-XD vehicle.

The two copies of the game are available to pre-order in the US with Gamestop selling the Hardened edition for $79.99 and the Prestige edition for $149.99. No news for us Brits as of yet.


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