Posted by: Edward Fairclough | August 17, 2010

Is Elder Scrolls: V closer than we thought?

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Bethesda’s executive producer Todd Howard told of how they are already drawing up plans for the game they will make after the one they are currently working on.

Todd Howard, who was the executive producer for both Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, said that while the rest of the Bethesda team are working on their current project, which has secretly been in development for the past two years, he is busy at work putting together plans for another new game.

Howard said that the game which is currently being developed will be announced soon and the time in which it’s announced to the time it is released will be the shortest in Bethesda’s history. He also claimed that the current game in development is not far from being completed, and that they have focused more heavily on characters and animation, stating that “You almost feel like you have a new console when you see the game.” He also hinted that the new game may finally say goodbye to the level cap which wasn’t so popular in both TES: Oblivion and Fallout 3. Other than that Todd wouldn’t reveal any more details on the game, keeping it all under wraps until the big announcement.

With many fans hoping to here news of a new Elder Scrolls game back at E3, could this new secret project finally be what all Elder Scrolls fans have been hoping for? After all the last ES game was released a whopping four years ago, and was one of the first games to be released on the Xbox 360. With Bethesda being one of my favourite game designers (and ES: Oblivion being my favourite game of all time) I personally cannot wait to here the big announcement.

To read the full Eurogamer interview with Todd Howard, click here.



  1. i hope it is oblivion 2

    • It won’t be ‘Oblivion 2.’ Oblivion was a a game in the series ‘The Elder Scrolls.’ Thus, it will have a new name. It will be the Elder Scrolls V installment.

  2. The Elder Scrolls novel: ‘The infernal city’ follows on from the events 40 years after Oblivion. Its a really good book and that would be fun if that was turned into the next game.

  3. play online new game

  4. really i like this game

  5. i hope it has a online mode,and a single player mode. improve the voice acting, leave the dark brother hood guy voice on the new game.last,make it like morriwind

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