Posted by: Edward Fairclough | August 20, 2010

FRESH FRIDAY: Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

Another Friday, another new release, and this week we’re talking about IO interactive’s Kane and Lynch sequel, Dog Days.

Just like its Predecessor, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days has been received with mixed reviews, with IGN rating it with a ‘decent’ 7/10, while Eurogamer rating it with a low 4/10. The sequel has been praised for its ‘online video recording’ style visuals but has been condemned for its awkward controls and ‘clunky’ cover system.

In our view, Dog Days just seems like another generic 3rd person shooter with nothing to make it stand out from popular 3rd person shooters like Mass Effect or Gears of War. Although we do recommend it if you took the time to play the first one as it continues the story of the story of Kane and Lynch through the slums and gang territories of Shanghai.

For a second week running we’ve found the cheapest site for this weeks Fresh Friday is with Kane and Lynch: Dog Days limited edition listed at the bargain price of £34.95.


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