Posted by: Edward Fairclough | September 1, 2010

The new iPod range for 2010/2011

Today was the day tech fans everywhere have been waiting for; Apple’s major annual press conference. As usual, this years conference played host to Steve Jobs confirming many of the apple related rumours that have been whizzing around the net for the past few weeks.

Announcements included information on iOS updates 4.1 and 4.2, HDR (high dynamic range) photo’s for Apple’s camera bearing devices, ‘Games centre’ for devices using the iOS, iTunes 10 which will included social network for music; know as ‘Ping’ and last but not least info on the brand new redesigned Apple TV.

But what we were most excited about, along with many others, was the unveiling of the new iPod range. Three completely redesigned iPod’s were shown of, the Shuffle, Nano and the Touch. No info on a new Classic unfortunately.

Firstly the new iPod shuffle, the buttons have made a welcomed return to the new model, therefore making it look almost identical to the 2th generation. Playlists are now possible on the shuffle, along with the genius mixer like that on all the other ipod models.

Voice-over function is still present although with a little twist. Allocated on the top of the shuffle is a button that, once pressed, will automatically tell you the song name and artist of the song you are currently listening to. Voice-over also warns you when your battery is low.

The shuffle is avaiable in 5 colours, silver, blue, green, yellow and pink. It will be available with 2GB of memory and set at a respectable price of £39.

Next the ipod Nano. Out of the three shown off at the conference, the Nano is defiantly the one which has had the biggest cosmetic change. It 46% smaller than the previous model and has a clip on the pack, think of it as a shuffle with a screen.

Another big change is the disappearance of its trademark click-wheel, the front screen is fully touch sensitive and has also be described as a ‘mini iPod touch’, although unlike the iPod touch, it does not run the well known iOS and is a perfect entry point for those that have never used an iOS enabled device like the Touch or iPhone.

Apart from the cosmetic overhaul, the Nano has all the same features as the previous model, music and video player, FM radio, etc. It will be available in 6 different colours and set at £129 for the 8GB and £159 for the 16GB.

Last but miles away from least is the ipod Touch. Take away the ability to ring and text and your basically holding a slimmed down iPhone at a bargain price.

The new iTouch has the same retina display used on the new iPhone 4 and the same apple A4 processor chip used in both the iPhone 4 and the iPad.

Just like most of us suspected, the new model has both a rear and front-facing camera. The rear camera allowing you to take photos and Shoot HD video, while the front-facing camera gives the Touch ‘FaceTime’ capabilities much similar to that of the iPhone 4.

The new touch will be available only with its classic chrome back and be priced at £189 for the 8GB model,£249 for the 32GB model and £329 for the 64GB model.

So there you have it, they’re the sleek looking new range of iPods for 2010/2011. Pre-orders can be taken now and will be available to buy sometime next week. Click here for more information on all the range of Apples unique multimedia devices.



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