Posted by: Edward Fairclough | September 7, 2010

Origin putting the ‘super’ in ‘super computer’

As long as you have the money, being able to get hold of a powerful gaming PC isn’t as hard as it used to be, but what if you wanted a ultra powerful gaming PC with, say, a built in liquid cooled Xbox 360? Impossible I here you say, well not anymore!

The masterminds over at Origin have come up with a fully customisable desktop PC, respectfully named ‘The Big O’. Apart from being fitted with a liquid cooled Xbox 360 slim (which amazingly, can be played while running other PC related tasks in the background), The Big O is fitted with either a single Intel core i7 CPU or dual Intel Xeon X5680’s with both processors over-clocked at over 4.00GHz, as if that wasn’t enough processing power to begin with!

Other specification include either an ASUS Rampage III extreme or a mighty EVGA SR-2 motherboard supporting up to a whopping 12GB of RAM. Four, yes four graphics cards, HD surround sound and a Blu-Ray optical drive. If the above spec made no sense to you at all, the Big O is easily the nearest thing you can get to owning a secret government super computer.

Just in case the brilliantly powerful internal workings of the Big O isn’t enough to satisfy your needs, Origin have given the buyer the freedom of choice and is able to fully customise their new PC, the design of the case, the No. of optical drives, the location of the 360 console, the colour of the liquid cooling pipes, pretty much everything in the Big O is added, taken away, or changed at the buyers request.

Although with all premium products, a premium price tag is not too far behind, and in this case the basic model will cost you around $7,669, while the extreme package, which is the same configuration recently shown in PC magazine, will cost you a extreme $16.999. PC Gaming ain’t cheap!

Head over to to find out more on this technological monster of a machine!



  1. your blog has lots of useful information. I’ve added it to my favorite bookmarks. that’s why I just started blogging a while ago and it feels great…

    • Thank you very much! Its just good to see people are reading it 🙂

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