Posted by: Edward Fairclough | September 10, 2010


Today we’re going back to the front lines of World War 2 with Ubisofts new real-time strategy game; RUSE.

Its been quite a while since I’ve played a quality strategy game on a console, 4 years in fact when i played LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth 2, but since playing the demo for RUSE on the 360 on Wednesday, there’s no doubt that strategy games are still very much alive and kicking when it comes to console compatibility.

With the motto of the game being ‘Don’t believe what you see’, The gameplay within RUSE is based not only on the size of your army and the strength of your firepower, but around the art of deception and being able to outsmart your enemy. Use dummy tanks as a distraction in the North while your main attack force lay waste to your enemy in the South or use radio silence to make your main attack force invisible to enemy radar. With the multiple different ruses at your disposal, the opportunities to outsmart your enemies are endless.

Players can play through the US or German campaign in the single player mode, whereas online multiplayer allows players to control numerous different factions including the United Kingdom, Russia (USSR), France and Italy.

RUSE is available on the big 3, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, although PlayStation uses can play through the game using the new ‘Move’ motion controller. It will be interesting to see how motion control can be adapted to control a real-time strategy game as i have yet to experience the joys of PlayStation’s ‘Move’ controller.

Take away the cheesy cut-scenes with baby-faced characters and RUSE is easily up there with the rest of the popular PC strategy titles. It’s not always easy to convert a PC based genre to consoles and Eugen Systems have proved that when being developed by the right people, it can easily be done.

This week Amazon is supplying the bargains with the console version from £34.99 and the PC version at a cool £26.99.

Click here for the official RUSE site and check out the new European release trailer below.


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