Posted by: Edward Fairclough | October 1, 2010

No More Taliban in Medal of Honor

Everybody run! The Taliban, err, I mean the Opposing Force is coming.

That’s right, after increasing worldwide pressure EA have finally announced that players will no longer be able to play as the Taliban during multiplayer matches, instead the opposing force will be known as, err, The Opposing Force.

Greg Goodrich, the executive producer behind the upcoming Medal of Honor stated that this new name change will not affect in anyway the multiplayer gameplay or single-player story, so in theory the enemy in both the single and multiplayer sides of the game is still very much the Taliban.

There is much evidence to show that EA and DICE have worked extremely hard in order to make Medal of Honor a hardcore and realistic shooter, I mean what other developers have hired special ops soldier’s to help them design the game? So I am quite disappointed to see that EA have in fact given in to the minority of people who thought that being able to play as a faction named the ‘Taliban’ is in fact insulting and disrespectful to the Allied soldiers fighting over in Afghanistan.

Look at that strong, brave Opposing Force soldier :/

We have been able to play as Terrorist’s in games for years, with many World War II games allowing us to even play as Nazi’s. But as soon as a game has the name Taliban in it turns into a worldwide dilemma!

I can completely understand where relatives of soldiers are coming from when they say they don’t agree with the game, but a game is precisely what it says on the tin; a game! This move will no doubt make the multiplayer side of the game feel slightly more unrealistic, and I’m surprised at EA considering how hard they have worked to try to create a authentic modern-day war experience.

Medal of Honor is released in Europe October 15th 2010.


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