Posted by: Edward Fairclough | November 6, 2010

My day out @ R3play expo 2010

So today was a special day for me, as i attended my first video-games expo. In the first of it’s kind, R3play brought classic video-gaming to the masses, and while i was playing all the old consoles/PC’s, i was amazed at how far video-games have come in the past 30 years or so, as im a relatively young gamer and the first form of gaming i ever experienced was on a PS1.

The origin's of Nintendo









After i’d finished playing around with the past, i got the chance to play some more up-to-date titles. Once i’d mingled with the crowds, i decided to sign up to play in a Halo: Reach tournament, and being a huge FPS fan i though i’d play considerably well, although ironically i’ve never had the chance to play Reach until now.

Unfortunately this showed in the end result as i came 8th out of, well, eight. Turns out that playing a game for the first time ever in a competitive environment isn’t all that good, especially when your sat next to the winner!

Reach for the... tournament table

Err, what do i press?








I then when on to play something really special; the remake of 007: Goldeneye. Unlike Reach i performed rather well with this, considering that i had never played an FPS before on a Wii in my life.

The multiplayer was great fun, with it’s shit graphics and golden guns. Best of all was that the you were also able to play the original Goldeneye on an N64, therefore allowing you to compare between the two, although i can safely say they were pretty much identical, which i thought was good.

The old...

...and the new! (with added paintball guns)








Much of my time was also spent in the SEGA booth, where i got the chance to play Crazy Taxi on the 360 (released 24th November), and developed a new found love for Sonic & SEGA all-stars racing.

The SEGA booth

Crazy Taxi on the 360 is Crazy Stuff!








I was also lucky enough to meet some familiar faces…

Turns out this dude survived the destruction of Reach

He was running from some ghost's...










Overall R3play was great, I’d like to say thanks to everyone that helped to make this event possible as it’s not often gamers of all ages can come together to appreciate and experience all era’s of gaming, and R3play did a fantastic job in delivering that experience. I have no doubt that tomorrow will be just as big as day one, and i hope that this year’s expo becomes the first of annual occasion.


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