Posted by: Edward Fairclough | November 27, 2010

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood sales figures

Thanks to last weeks release of a certain Ubisoft title, the Assassins Creed series has now sold a total of over 20 million units.

Being the 3rd instalment within the series, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood sold around a million copies in Europe within it’s first week of release, and has therefore become ‘the best selling launch title in the history of Ubisoft’s European sales’, according to the publishers chief of marketing and sales.

It’s predecessor, Assassins Creed 2 sold 1.6 million copies worldwide within it’s first week of release, so it’s likely that Brotherhood has beaten this record since the 1 million sales figure applies to Europe only. Four month’s after it’s release (February 2010), Assassins Creed 2 sold over 8 million copies worldwide. It’s seems that Brotherhood will no doubt better this figure, especially since it’s recently been announced that a big Assassins Creed title will be released in 2011, which is rumoured to take players to Russia.

So it’s not on par with Call of Duty’s sales figures just yet (with Black Ops selling 1.4 million copies in the UK on day one!), but with Brotherhood’s outstanding reviews and a fourth Assassins Creed title on the way, there’s still hope of some real record-breaking sales.


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