Posted by: Edward Fairclough | December 6, 2010

My Game(s) of the year award 2010 goes to…

2010 has been by far the biggest year for gaming in my life so far, which is no doubt due to the fact that I started to write about games this year. There’s seems to have been a record number of game releases, especially in Q4, but I have yet to play many games quality-looking such as AC: Brotherhood and Dead Rising 2, which I am hoping to receive as xmas gifts.

Although, I have managed to play a record number of games this year, some good, some not so good. After much thought I have managed to come up with 3 titles which have really stood out for me this year, as it is to choose just one for that top spot.

First there is the absolutely epic Red Dead Redemption. What I loved most about this game was it’s emotional story and the huge attention to detail Rockstar had placed on each individual character within the game. The way in which each character is completely different, both physically and emotionally, really ties in well with the storyline. I have yet to complete this game and am determined to get it finished before Xmas arrives.

Second is that game everyone was waiting for; Alan Wake. I loved Remedy’s Alan Wake for a number of reasons, it’s stunning visuals, it’s dark and eerie setting that had you jumping at the slightest sound, it’s soundtrack and it’s immersive storyline with more twist’s than a boy scout’s rope.

Lastly is a game which many of you may not even known existed, Metro 2033 really grabbed me from start to finish for pretty much the same reasons that Alan Wake did. Other factor’s that helped it make the top 3 was the fact it’s an FPS title ( I love FPS’s!), it’s fitting voice-acting and it’s enjoyable achievement list (for Xbox 360), which I completed for it’s full 1000 gamerscore.

Overall, 2010 has been a phenomenal year for gaming, not just for the games themselves but for the release of brilliant new hardware and ever-improving online services. With games such as Rage, Brink and Killzone 3 all released next year, along with heavy rumours of a new Elder Scrolls title in the works, can 2011 top the might of 2010. Only time will tell…



  1. *cough* God of War 3 *cough* 😛

  2. I agree with Red Dead but Mass Effect 2 and Mario Galaxy are much better choices than that overrated piece of crap of Alan Wave and generic, dull FPS Metro 2033.

  3. Alan Wake is the most disappointing game this year.

    It good how the graphics turned out quite well and voice acting was good albeit with some lines that made you punch yourself.

    But what made me dislike it was the gameplay; Alan Wake is a Thriller/ horror survival type game but yet the game revolves around 6 enemies: Workers, workers with hats(resistive to headshot), chainsaw tanks, Shadow dudes, Crows and flying objects. All which are defeated through rinse and repeat methods, not bad considering rinse and repeat methods usually don’t work well in horror survival games as your limited in ammo and forced to use alternative methods, but Alan Wake gives you so much ammo it becomes a shooter more than anything and by not run n’ gunning your only making the game harder for yourself.

    That in my books is fundamentally flawed game design.

  4. Alan wake are you kidding??? Worst game of the year in my opinion. Crap linear maps, generic horror gameplay, stupid level design (lose all your weapons every chapter), terrible plot, terrible voice acting, graphics, dialogue…what the hell was good about it? Oh, the atmosphere…It’s pathetic that people review games on something so shallow, objectively look at them on the whole and not just on one small factor.

    For me fallout new vegas is by far the game of the year. Most locations and most characters I can think of. Best writing I have experienced. Actually great story and role playing compared to fallout 3 which was disappointing. Oh but it had a few bugs so people discard it. Some game writers are really immature and biased, unable to appreciate anything more complex than simpleton gameplay gimmicks.

    • Forgot to mention that i have yet to play games such as Heavy rain and Fallout: New Vegas. Therefore i can only base my judgement on games i have played.

  5. And i bet you yourself never knew that METRO 2033 was a book at first (and a pretty good one too)

    • I actually did, lol. There is also a written sequel; Metro 2034. Hopefully this will become a sequel for the game version.

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