Posted by: Edward Fairclough | December 13, 2010

More on-demand services coming to PlayStation

Sony confirmed today that they will be expanding their on-demand functionality as streaming services for both Channel 4 and ITV will be added to the PlayStation 3 console this week.

4OD and ITV-Player will work alongside the already featured BBC iPlayer, therefore making the console the only one on the market that features free on-demand services from the 3 major TV companies within the UK.

PlayStation UK marketing director Alan Duncan predicted that ITV and Channel 4 will see a 10 percent increase in traffic, since around 80 percent of the 4 million PS3 owners in the country are online.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 already supplies Sky player for it’s Gold subscribers, while American users have access to ESPN sports network. Nintendo however, which only supplies BBC iPlayer, will now be at the bottom of the table when it comes to on-demand services.

Channel 4’s director of commercial business, Sarah Rose, claimed that it’s unlikely they will ever work with Nintendo due to the Wii’s advertising restrictions, while also claiming Microsoft was not ‘coming to our door’ about an Xbox version. ITV stated that the inclusion of ITV-Player on the PS3 was an ‘acceleration of [there] distribution strategy’.



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