Posted by: Edward Fairclough | June 14, 2011

Is Duke Nukem Forever 13 years too late?

After 13 years of waiting you’d think the gaming world would welcome the return of The King with open arms, but judging by the growing number of negative reviews, it seems that Duke’s latest adventure isn’t what fans of the franchise were hoping for.

Duke Nukem: Forever, a game which has been in development since 1997, was finally released last week to a bombardment of surprisingly unfavourable reviews. On Metacritic, the console port of the game scores an average of 51 percent on the 360 while the PS3 copy scores slightly higher at 58. With a score of 62 percent, the PC version is the best rated at the time of writing, but only just.

The most positive review comes from Asian gaming site MEGamers, who awards the game a score of 8.8/10. Although along with German based site PC Gamer, who scores the game 81/100, these are the only two reviews on the net which claim the title lives up to it’s expectations.

Looking at reviews from more well known media websites, it seems that the once highly anticipated title is actually nowhere near as good as we all hoped. IGN awards the title a mediocre score of 55, while Eurogamer stoops even lower by giving the game a shameful score of 30, describing the game as a ‘gruesomely mangled resurrection’.

The lowest score so far has been awarded by Destructoid, who gave the game a damning score of just 20/100, while saying ‘Nobody should think kindly of such a miserable, lifeless, grotesque little game’. Ouch!

There’s no doubt Duke Nukem Forever will shift a fair, if not high amount of copies due to all the hype surrounding the game. Although it will be interesting to see how so many negative reviews will effect the games overall sales targets.



  1. yes it is late and the outcome is very bad IMHO

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